Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Barnes & Noble Book Signing

 Charles W. Hedrick signing books and meeting the public at Barnes and Noble Springfield, Missouri on Saturday 10/22/16. Charlie is chatting with Bill Lord, Chaplain (Colonel) U. S. Army (retired).


Elizabeth said...

You look very fit and handsome- whatever you are doing to take care of yourself, keep it up. Craig and I would have loved to have come to this event! It's a shame we don't live closer. Sending our best from St. Louis, Craig and Elizabeth

Charles Hedrick said...

Thank you Elizabeth!
You are kind to an old man--although I can still recognize myself in the mirror and frequently while shaving burst out in a spontaneous "Aha there you are; I knew you were in there somewhere." Aging changes our visage, but if we look hard enough we can still see aspects of the face that once was.
Distances may separate us but we can still have close contact with friends and family through the electronic miracle called a computer.